Cogtech is proud to offer to its own clients high-quality services, at the state-of-the-art in the following sectors:

  • HR: “S.A.P. : “Skill Assessment Program. It is a suite of computerized testing lead by a team of Cogtech assessors, able to provide an evaluation of psychometric capabilities and knowledge of aviation courses candidates.
  • Safety: S.A.F.E.:Safety Acquainted Flight Environment” is an integrated management program including following modules: SMS (Safety Management System) – FRMS (Fatigue Risk management System) – OMS (Organization Management System). It has been developed to provide a solution for issues that has been put in evidence by recent EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) for  aviation requirement. SAFE is a product able to provide top solutions in different fields, from aviation to logistic or medical, thanks to a modular and flexible design logic
  • Training & Assessment: COM.E. : “Competence Environment” – Computerized Training program based on training and assessment of competence. COM.E. takes place from the most valuable international standards in terms of measure of competencies (Knowledge – Skill – Attitude) and it is specialized in the Aviation training, as requested by recent EASA Requirements. 
  • Flight Simulator Training Device Operator: FSTD.O – As a certified by the EASA, CogTech can assist in the procedures to certify and maintain the certification of a full motion FSTD.

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